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AAP demands they be allowed to continue to expose and protest even after forming a government

17, Dec 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Fearing that all the exposes and protests that they excel at and are so used to doing would soon become a thing of past, AAP has decided to include their continuity as the last and final condition in front of Congress before they agree to form a government in the city.

Arvind Kejriwal and Kumar Vishwaas
Both Kejriwal and Kumar Vishwaas signalling number of demands they would make after this.

“It is our forte and something for which people of Delhi have reposed their faith in us. Therefore we cannot stop doing it,” Arvind Kejriwal confirmed at a media gathering.

“We are still unsure whether to expose our own Govt or the opposition after coming to power. To solve that confusion, Yogendra Yadav ji is already conducting internal surveys,” Kejriwal further added.

Sources say as soon as Delhi elections results came out in open, there was joy as well as a tinge of sadness in the AAP camp. They became nostalgic and started crying like a student whose last day in a carefree college life has ended and is now staring at a life full of responsibility and accountability.

“It was all fun while it lasted. Those shocking revelations, all round allegations, complaints with the system; those were the best days of our life, back in the summer of three plus nine (2012),” said Kumar Vishwaas in his inimitable style albeit in English.

The news from Congress camp is that it has agreed to the demand in unequivocal terms. “We are so used to the exposes and protests done by AAP now that some of our leaders had already started exhibiting withdrawal symptoms ever since our government was defeated in capital. We look forward to getting exposed again by AAP under the leadership of Arvind Kejriwal and Rahul Gandhi ji,” Ahmed Patel told Faking News.

However this latest acceptance of their demand has created panic in AAP camp and they have hired IIM pass outs to help them put up a demand that Congress will never agree upon.

Meanwhile experts feel that even if AAP somehow exposes itself, Arvind Kejriwal will call it a failure and exposure of Aam Aadmi and not his own.