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AAP donors demand return of money wasted by AAP on making 'Kejriwal vs Jagdish Mukhi' posters

20, Jan 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. Soon after BJP announced Kiran Bedi as its chief ministerial candidate for Delhi, donors to Aam Aadmi Party demanded return of the money that AAP wasted in getting ‘Kejriwal vs Mukhi’ posters made.

It should be recalled that right after Delhi legislative assembly was dissolved in November last year, AAP had itself nominated BJP leader Jagdish Mukhi as BJP’s CM candidate and pitted Kejriwal against him in posters that were printed and pasted on Autos across Delhi.

Enraged with yesterday’s development, AAP donors took to social networking sites asking Kejriwal & Co to return their money.

Just a show piece now.
Just a show piece now.

“I have been told that AAP spent more than 70% of overall donations received in getting those posters made. A true baniya would never do that,” one such donor told Faking News.

“We don’t donate money to AAP so that they end up spending it on such unproductive things. Earlier a substantial amount of our money was wasted in forfeiting deposit by AAP in Lok Sabha elections and now this. I think its high time we demand the money back and know where it is being spent,” said a rare logical AAP supporter.

While some hardcore AAP supporters lambasted donors demanding their money back and labelled them Bedi agents.

“Had they been true AAPians, instead of questioning AAP, they would have got down to streets and modified those posters by sketching Kiran Bedi’s face instead of Jagdish Mukhi,” tweeted @AAPbeforeBAAP.

However already falling short of donations this time around, Kejriwal has expressed his inability to return the money and has appealed to his donors to take bribes from BJP and Congress, to make up for their loss.

Meanwhile Mukhi has requested AAP to not take off those posters from Autos and other places.

“I am grateful to AAP for giving me the status that even my party did not bother to give me after all these years. I think this is the closest I can ever come to being a CM. I don’t want to let go off this feeling,” Mukhi said as tears rolled down his eyes.