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AAP forms 'Protests Squad', assures protesting UPSC aspirants of a place in it if they fail in Civil Services exam

06, Aug 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. With dissolution of Delhi assembly and re-elections looking an imminent possibility, AAP has decided to form a “Protests Squad” that will specialize in staging dharnas across the city.

The party has assured protesting UPSC aspirants of a direct induction into this squad if they fail to crack the preliminary stage of upcoming civil service exams.

The decision to induct these failed candidates was taken after the union government made it clear that it would not scrap CSAT this year and there will not by any further changes to the exam pattern.

Yogendra spotting fresh talent for his party.
Yogendra spotting fresh talent for his party.

Justifying the decision, Yogendra Yadav called these protesters budding aam anarchists of the country, talent and efforts of whom he felt needed recognition. “There is a ‘rant’ in aspirant,” Mr. Yadav pointed out the inherent requirement.

“I was impressed with their demands. It gave me a sense of déjà vu and reminded me of the demands we would make every now then, even when we were in power,” a senior leader of AAP told Faking News, “They have already proved their mettle and deserve a shot at highest level, which we are committed to provide them.”

When pointed that the protests by UPSC aspirants did not result into their demands being met, he shot back, “So when have our protests resulted into anything concrete?”

AAP insisted that it was a win-win situation for both the party and the aspirants.

“While we will get a skilled workforce at our disposal on whom we’ll not have to spend much time on training and development; these aspirants stand to sharpen their protesting skills in the company of legendary protestors like Ashutosh, Somnath Bharti etc.,” Manish Sisodia explained while getting voter cards of aspirants transferred to Delhi address.

According to insiders from AAP, there will be on the job training and these protestors would be imparted wall climbing and stone pelting skills by Ashutosh and night raiding skills by Somnath Bharti, which will help them transform into world class agitators.