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AAP govt to hire Aamir Khan for publicity, half of 526 cr to be paid as professional fees

08, Jul 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. After allocating a whooping 526 crores for information and publicity in current financial year, AAP has now decided to hire Aamir Khan as party’s brand ambassador and marketing strategist.

Party now claims that such high amount was set aside only because half of it was to pay fees of Aamir Khan.

“Mainu o munda chaihda haiga”

“Our publicity seeking tactics have now become old. Voters are able to see through such gimmicks. We need innovation in the way we advertize our self. That is why we have decided to rope in the perfectionist Aamir Khan, who is widely regarded as the marketing genius in Bollywood,” Manish Sisodia told Faking News, “Also he agreed to work on subsidized fees for us.”

“Being an honest man and a highly secular person, Kejriwal ji enjoyed movie PK to the fullest and was amazed at how effortlessly Aamir was able to pull off publicity for the film, keeping it different from all his previous films,” Ashutosh told Faking News, when asked how was Aamir’s name finalized.

AAP is now confident that all the flak that it is facing for spending so much on itself will subside once Aamir is on board.

“Aamir has enough goodwill among the masses in India. Therefore anything that he preaches or imparts is grabbed by them without questioning his hypocrisy. This is something we have been lacking of late,” admitted Ashish Khetan.

If sources are to be believed, AAP wants Aamir to publicize party in the same fashion as he anchors his show Satyameva Jayate.

“Wouldn’t it be nice and sensational, if Aamir were to present work done by us not done by BJP ruled MCD in Delhi by saying stuff like ‘Aayie dikhaate hain aap logo kuch chaukan dene wale gandgi aur bhrashtachaar ke aankde’ or ‘Chaliye baat karte hain us bikhaari se jisne 5 rupay de kar Kejriwal ji ki aankhon mein aansoo bhar diye’,” Ashutosh asked our reporter.