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AAP hires Hrithik Roshan as brand ambassador to point an extra finger for blaming others

05, Jan 2016 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. Realizing that the normal five fingers of a human hand were not the natural representation for the superhuman abilities of Aam Aadmi Party where it can point fingers at more than five people on an issue at the same occasion, the anti-Modi anti-corruption party has hired Bollywood actor Hrithik Roshan as its brand ambassador. Hrithik has six fingers in on his right hand.

“We already have many Bollywood celebrities supporting us but we were looking for someone who can perfectly represent us,” party spokesperson Raghav Chadda confirmed the move, “While abuses by likes of Raghu and Vishal represent our attitude towards criticism, the sixth finger of Hrithik will represent our abilities to be one-up when it comes to pointing fingers at someone.”

Right hand
Existing fingers were reserved for pointing at someone special, creating a need for an extra one.

Party insiders say that the party desperately needed an extra finger as its current five were always busy pointing at five fixed personalities – Delhi police commissioner BS Bassi, Lieutenant-Governor of Delhi Najeeb Jung, coward and psychopath Narendra Modi, rich Ambani, and rich Adani.

“Take for example the current odd-even experiment going on in Delhi,” AAP leader Gopal Rai explained, “We needed an extra finger to blame private schools.”

“Apart from such topical needs, we also need an extra finger to blame some sections of media, or some people on Twitter, or the local milkman, or anyone else as and when the need arises,” he added.

Sources say that Hrithik Roshan’s name was proposed and immediately accepted because the dashing actor recently charmed party supremo Arvind Kejriwal when he took an auto ride with his sons in Mumbai.

“Arvind turned emotional and recalled the time when he took an auto in Mumbai,” AAP leader Dr. Kumar Vishwas recalled the scenes from the party meeting that was called to select a brand ambassador, “Arvind immediately approved the appointment and also googled about the next movie of Hrithik that will release this year. He will review it on Twitter.”

Sources say that apart from an extra finger and his auto ride, the factor that worked in Hrithik’s favor was his stardom.

“When Hrithik, representing AAP, will make a fresh allegation and point a finger at someone, media will be forced to broadcast it live and keep running it whole day long. It will be just awesome!” a party leader said.

(article idea suggested by “Indori Insider”,  a Twitter user who doesn’t want to identify himself… ooops. Identify himself or herself, that is)