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AAP hires lookalikes of Arvind Kejriwal to protest all over India

21, Jan 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Excited with nonstop media coverage of Delhi protest, Aam Aadmi Party has hired hundreds Kejriwal lookalikes to be sent off to different parts of India, especially in rural India.

AAP’s move is being seen as a huge step toward taking the “honesty revolution” in rural areas after making urban India, especially Delhi, the hub of honesty.

Main Bhi Kejriwal
A Kejriwal lookalike at work

Media experts say that this will certainly boost party’s regional media coverage aspirations.

“Earlier it was Anna, now it’s Kejriwal. So it’s time to move from ‘Main bhi Anna’ to ‘Mani bhi Kejriwal’ and this is the first step towards reinforcing this belief,” an expert said.

AAP sources confirm that these lookalikes, who are expected to bring non-stop media coverage in regional news channels, will be wearing “Main bhi Kejriwal” caps.

Sources further confirm that all Kejriwal lookalikes have been issued a certificate of honesty by Delhi CM and he has also given them power of attorney to protest on his behalf in any corner of world.

“Every small detail has been taken care of to make Kejriwal lookalikes look exactly like Arvind Kejriwal. Shirt, pant, muffler, sweater; everything is same to same. Even if they are in not so cold regions like Tamil Nadu, wearing muffler and sweater is compulsory for them,” revealed a party insider.

These lookalikes have already taken their positions and are in talks with local residents to identify and shortlist issues on which protests should be carried out. Since they look like Kejriwal, local media has also swung into action.

Latest reports coming from Bhojpuriya TV suggest that a protest in Chhapara district of Bihar is taking place under the leadership of a Kejriwal lookalike, where AAP members have ransacked block office after a goat was killed on highway by a speeding truck.

However, in a village in Mirzapur district of Uttar Pradesh, protests couldn’t start as villagers raised doubts over the authenticity of local Kejriwal.

“He was not coughing at all!” a local villager told this Faking News reporter.