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AAP invites WannaCry ransomware hackers to participate in Election Commission hackathon

19, May 2017 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

New Delhi: On 12th May when Election commission was adamantly refusing to accept that EVMs can be hacked, a deadly hacker group was spreading its malware into millions of computers worldwide. While IT companies, hospitals, government departments and other establishments were terrified hearing about this news, AAP’s Delhi office was buzzing with enthusiasm.

A volunteer tweeted – “That’s exactly what we have been trying to explain to EC, using technology is not safe. We would urge companies to go back to using paper books for maintaining accounts and doing business.”

Some volunteers took out crackers from party office store room and started bursting them. Something which was pending since 11th March, the day assembly elections results of Goa and Punjab were announced.

Manish Sisodia who was hard to be seen since Kapil Mishra’s allegations started coming thick and fast, came out of his home with a box of sweets and declared, “I want to thank ‘The Shadow Broker’, the hacker group who created WannaCry malware. They have vindicated our stand that irrespective of all the security deployed any machine can be hacked. And these guys didn’t even require change of the motherboard. Our party needs such bright people.”

AAP has reportedly reached out to ‘The Shadow Brokers’ inviting them for the hackathon. An elated Ashutosh told Shaitaan Khopdi™, “If EC is so confident that EVMs can’t be hacked why they are not allowing WannaCry creators to participate in EVM hackathon? Are they scared of getting exposed?” Soon after telling this Ashutosh started negotiating with hackers to participate in EVM Hackathon as AAP representative. Below are the excerpts from the chat between hackers and Ashutosh –

Ashutosh: Hi, is this Shadow Boxer?

Hacker: No we are Shadow Broker

Ashutosh: Broker? You mean Agent? Modi’s agent?

Hacker: No dude we named our group ‘The Shadow Broker’

Ashutosh: Can you hack EVM?

Hacker: We can hack anything, just give us URL

Ashutosh: URL? We don’t have URL or INR, we can only pay in Canadian Dollars through our contacts. Take it or leave it.

Hacker: Will take it. Meanwhile, give us EVM server address so that we can hack them

Ashutosh: Server address? AAP is against caste system. And we treat everyone as equal.  No master, no server.

Hacker: Umm… Ok let me put it this way, can you give us VIP (Virtual IP Address)

Ashutosh:  As I told you before, we are against VIP culture. Everyone is Aam Aadmi (other than few exceptions).

Hacker: Ok. Give us the Aam Aadmi address then. (whatever you mean by that) Ashutosh gives link of Aam Aadmi Party’s website address and next thing we knew was that it was hacked. Hackers are now demanding 1 Million Canadian Dollars from the party to restore the website.