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AAP leader claims he will release a sting operation against Kejriwal in 3D

12, Mar 2015 By Pagal Patrakar

New Delhi. After ex-MLA Rajesh Garg and AAP Minority Wing’s leader Shahid Khan released audio tapes against Arvind Kejriwal, a little known leader from the party has made a sensational claim that he has a 3D video sting operation against the party convenor.

“Yes, I have a 3D sting operation and I will release it soon,” claimed Yogi Khan, a self-proclaimed leader of WhatsApp Wing of AAP.

“And this will be released not only on TV news channels but in multiplexes too,” he added, “Now people will be able to see the reality of Arvind Kejriwal in all dimensions.”

Arvind Kejriwal in 3D glasses
Which is the true color of Arvind Kejriwal?

Yogi refused to divulge the details of the exposé, but he hinted that it shows Kejriwal in conversation with an unnamed Congress leader.

“Audio and video sting operations are so pedestrian. We AAP guys always think ahead of others,” Yogi Khan explained why he was releasing a 3D sting operation, “Earlier I thought I’d release a musical sting operation, but Kejriwal had already publicly sung a song during the oath taking ceremony.”

When asked how exactly could he manage to do a 3D sting operation as it requires advanced technology and sometimes multiple cameras, Yogi thanked Arvind Kejriwal for making it possible.

“No no, it doesn’t mean that he willingly got stung,” he explained, “But due to Kejriwal’s suggestion of recording everything, his own office was recording the meeting, I was recording it, and even the Congress leader was recording it – everyone doing it secretly.”

“Later I got the footage from Arvind’s office by blackmailing his secretary, and I bribed the Congress leader to get his video recording, and I mixed those with my own recording to get a 3D video clip,” he claimed.

Yogi said that his idea was to make AAP a pioneer in sting operations and become the first ever person to do a 3D sting operation, even if it means exposing Arvind Kejriwal.

“I am a committed volunteer of AAP,” he said, “My sting operation might expose Arvind Kejriwal but it will make AAP world famous for doing the first ever 3D sting operation.”