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AAP leader depressed, feels left out as there is no controversy associated with him

16, Jun 2015 By @jurnoleast

New Delhi: AAP leader Arvind Bharti Vishwas is a depressed man and the reason for this is because he feels left out for not having any controversy associated with him.

AB Vishwas joined AAP in 2012 as a party worker and worked his way to become a party leader in 2014. He has been with the party through good times and bad. The party has been under attack from other political parties and even the media, but Mr. AB Vishwas chose to stick with the party. Even when many leaders like Kiran Bedi and Shazia Ilmi moved to greener pastures, he was loyal to the party.

Are you feeling left out ?
Are you feeling left out ?

However, now he feels like a misfit in the party and this feeling is the reason why he is under depression lately. Speaking to Faking News he said, “I am facing existential crisis. Every other leader in the party has some controversy associated with him and when I compare myself to them I feel left out. Am I so bad that I cannot get into a single controversy?”

It’s not that Mr. AB Vishwas has not tried. He tried getting fake degrees but the agent did the job so well that it looked better than the real ones and no one questioned. He resorted to domestic violence, but his wife proved to be stronger than him. His frustration levels peaked when he jumped a traffic signal and the cop was looking the other way. Counseling by senior members of the party too didn’t help. It seems some people have a knack for getting into controversies and Mr. Vishwas just doesn’t possess it.

Dr. Gupta, a leading voice on mental health said, “Not being able to fit in group can a cause anxiety and depression. In the case of Mr. AB Vishwas, he finds himself isolated because almost every member of AAP is associated with some controversy. All he needs to do is keep trying. Sooner or later media will take notice and blow it out of proportion. It’s just a matter of time.”

Faking News would have happily helped him but it wouldn’t serve the purpose. What he needs is a melodramatic, zealous, over-enthusiastic news anchor outraging over his controversy and till that happens we hope he doesn’t give up.