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AAP now demands handover of Mossad and CIA to them

09, Aug 2015 By chachachaudhary

New Delhi: Earlier AAP had demanded the central government to hand over the control of the Delhi police to the state government to make Delhi the safest city in the world.

AAP, doing what they do best. Sit on a dharna
AAP, doing what they do best. Sit on a dharna

Now in a recent press conference an AAP spokesperson made demands for handover of MOSSAD and CIA for maintaining law and order in Delhi. Here are the excerpts of the interview with their spokesperson Shri Jhootendra Imaandari with our chief reporter Bonobos.

Bonobos: Sir don’t you know that Delhi is not a full state and before fighting the Delhi elections were you not aware that Delhi police will not come under the state government?

AAP Spokesperson: We are very well aware of the fact dear. We were clear about this thing from the time we blamed Shiela Dixit ji for the law and order condition in Delhi.

Bonobos: Then why such demands, sir; when you know that it is not in the hands of state government and constitution needs to be amended for that.

AAP spokesperson: If we don’t make such demands how are we supposed to be a party with a difference? Don’t you remember how we resigned last time giving JAN LOKPAL as a reason although when we thoroughly knew that it could not be passed in state assembly? Same is the case with our demand of Delhi police.

Bonobos: Sir why demands for handover of Mossad and CIA, don’t you think that our Indian CBI along with control of Delhi police would have done the job of keeping Delhi safe?

AAP spokesperson: Although our CBI could also have helped with the job of making Delhi the safest city but we do not trust CBI as it comes under Central government. Anything related to central government is a roadblock for us. We are also planning to name speed breakers in Delhi roads as Jung, Modi, Meena and Bassi.

Bonobos: Do you think Israel and USA would agree to AAP’s demand to handover the MOSSAD and CIA to Delhi state government?

AAP spokesperson: It’s their call. We want them because they are the best in business. If they do not agree then we will start blaming Israel and USA for bad law and order conditions in Delhi. We are also tired of blaming Modi ji. Look if MOSSAD and CIA are under us, we do not need to install the 1500000 CCTV cameras as well, as we can use their advanced monitoring technologies. Still if USA and Isreal do not agree; don’t forget Jantar Mantar is booked by us for next 5 years.

Bonobos: What are your views on suspension of congress MP’s from the parliament and congress Dharna against the suspension?

AAP spokesperson: Congress is a copycat. Dharna is our domain. We are the ones who revived it. Congress has realized the power of Dharna after the results of Delhi assembly elections. It is the future of Indian politics. Let’s see how much they would be able to sustain with it. Look we learned the subsidy politics and secular politics from the Congress and in return taught them Dharna politics.