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AAP questions YouTube's honesty over Kumar Vishwas' controversial videos

21, Jan 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. With AAP leader Kumar Vishwas facing sharp criticism over his allegedly sexist jokes that he cracked during his flourishing career as a poet cum stand-up comedian, his party has come out in his defense and called the video sharing site YouTube “dishonest”.

Kumar Vishwas
“Hungama hai kyon barpa, thodi si jo …”

AAP blamed YouTube for intentionally promoting old videos of Kumar Vishwas in which he used derogatory words for Malayali nurses and Muharram.

“We have proof that YouTube has changed its video suggestion algorithm to push years old content, just in order to kill the wave of honesty,” said AAP’s firebrand leader Arvind Kejriwal waving a few pages with programming code written all over, “It shows how scandalous are their motives.”

He went on to claim that all other parties were hand in glove with the tech giant, and Google was getting paid well to promote anti-AAP videos.

“For Google, money is everything, which is why they keep inserting those ads in video clips. It needs to be taught a lesson,” Kejriwal added.

However, on being reminded that at some point of time, Kumar Vishwas did make those objectionable remarks, Kejriwal accused YouTube of morphing the videos.

“It’s on their servers. How could we be so sure that they are not manipulating it?” questioned Kejriwal.

“YouTube should give us the raw video footage and then we will decide,” another AAP leader Yogendra Yadav said.

Sources tell Faking News that to teach Google a lesson, AAP is planning a protest to bring ‘YouTube India’ under Delhi Government.

“We will make YouTube India ad-free, and people won’t need to skip ads to enjoy their videos,” an AAP supporter claimed why it was necessary that YouTube was brought under the control of Kejriwal government.

To pressurize Google further, AAP has requested public to avoid using Google products and switch to other startup websites providing similar services.

“In fact, our own website has some good videos like Arvind Kejriwal exposing the corrupt. People should watch those videos and avoid YouTube. We will upload some entertainment and drama videos too so that people have more options,” an AAP office bearer said.

Meanwhile, warning YouTube in his trademark poetic style, Kumar Vishwas said, “kya bola tha kal maine woh khud hi hoon main bhool gaya, U-turn karna ab toh fashion hai phir kyun hungama ho gaya?