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AAP releases itinerary of future dharnas and protests

07, Feb 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. For the convenience of their supporters and members, AAP has decided to release their protest itinerary taking inspiration from BCCI. For quite sometime now after forming government in Delhi, AAP has been organizing dharnas either through individuals from within the party or party as a whole for the alleged welfare of Delhiites.

Now with such advance intimation, AAP expects large number of protest lovers and volunteers to plan their schedule accordingly and make themselves available at the venue for the participation. The tickets for same are already available on Those who want to have first hand experience of the lathicharge from police at the venue will be charged a premium. A seriously injured protestor could later get a chance to win a LS ticket from the party.

With this notification they are further confident of the presence of every news channel (national/regional etc) to broadcast it LIVE and make the protests a grand success.

If these protests do not yield the expected Media attention, AAP also intends to play stage some protests against weaker opposition like Samajwadi Party, Rahul Gandhi just the way BCCI squeezes in home series against Sri Lanka every now and then to boost India’s ICC rankings and reinforce their dominance in world cricket. The party has however warned its supporters and spectators that this schedule is not final and is subject to u-turns.

Following is the calendar that Faking News downloaded from AAP’s website.

AAP Dharna Calendar
The itinerary will help media and supporters to plan their own activities better