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AAP set to win Chandigarh after Raghu promises 50% reservation in Roadies for locals

05, Apr 2014 By idiot420

Chandigarh. While campaigning for Gul Panag, the AAP candidate from the ‘city beautiful’, Raghu of Roadies fame promised 50% reservation for people of Chandigarh, if they voted the rookie party to power.

With this announcement, Aam Aadmi Party has seemingly captured the mood of the local youth, and considering the craze for the reality show among the city’s youngsters, Gul Panag is being seen as a clear winner from the constituency.

Raghu AAP
“I am what I am”

“I always felt that Chandigarh has the capacity to provide many more Roadies than we usually select from here. 50% reservation will ensure that we select almost all the deserving candidates, instead of being forced to select just 3-4 people,” said Raghu while addressing a gathering comprising of aspiring Roadies and media men.

Raghu’s lofty promise targeting the first time voters has led to celebrations across the whole city.

“Now I am going to vote for AAP, nobody can stop me. I will even convince my family members to vote for AAP, I am sure they will agree, after all it’s about my career!” said Balwinder Singh, a final year engineering student.

“Roadies, I am coming, Raghu I am coming, Ranvijay I am coming. I am what I am, #@$%#%%,” Balwinder finished talking on a high note.

Raghu’s declaration has not only struck a chord with the first time voters, but has also provided some respite to many others who have been trying to get into Roadies for years.

Rohit Sharma, a man in his early 30s has been trying to get selected for Roadies since season one.

“Raghu sir’s promise is like the last ray of hope for me and many others like me. My hair is turning grey, but still I haven’t got an opportunity to showcase my talent of abusing and shouting loud,” teary eyed Rohit described his pain. Rohit feels that reservation in Roadies was necessary for social upliftment of people like him.

Meanwhile sensing a business opportunity, a couple of ex-Roadies have even started a coaching class to teach people, how to clear Roadies’ form filling, group discussion, and personal interview.

Energized by the public response, Chandigarh AAP has created a separate team to educate these young Roadies fans about voting process to ensure that the excitement is translated into votes.

“It is basically for those hardcore Roadies fans who believe that you need to vote for the opposition to vote them out. It’s just a precautionary measure to make sure that they don’t press the BJP’s symbol to vote out Kirron Kher,” revealed an AAP volunteer.

Meanwhile, BJP candidate Kirron Kher has promised a similar reservation for locals in ‘India’s Got Talent’. “Mat bano Roadies, bano asli star, abki baar Modi sarkar,” roared Kirron Kher while promoting her promise.