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AAP supporter breaks up with his wife after he finds her watching Modi's rally

07, Mar 2014 By indianpsycho

Ahmedabad. A 26-year-old hardcore AAP supporter today broke up with his wife after he caught her in an uncompromising position (eyes riveted on screen) watching Narendra Modi’s rally on TV.

The sight of her enjoying Modi’s speech angered him so much that he immediately asked her to get out of his house, only to later realize that the house was jointly owned by them.

Kejriwal Modi
Arvind fell short of calling his wife ‘Ambani agent’.

Arvind Sisodia’s friends confirm that there have been many instances in the past when he had more definite reasons to break up with her, but somehow he chose to end the relationship when it came to Modi.

“He was not upset when she flirted with me, or when she failed to wish him on his birthday,” revealed Vijay Kumar, one of the friends of Arvind.

But his wife taking keen interest in Modi provoked Arvind no end, and he decided to call it quits.

Sources say that earlier Arvind Sisodia had gone on a 4-hour fact finding visit to his in-law’s home to verify the claims of his wife that her mayka was the best.

“First of all there is nobody named ‘Vikas’ in her house. She said her house was clean. But I found lot of garbage in their dustbin. She said her father is retired. Then from where did he get a car and scooter to travel in?” Arvind claimed.

When asked how did such things matter in a relationship, the AAP supporter claimed that integrity in life was the most important thing. When this reporter persisted, Arvind claimed that he didn’t even find any proof of love and care in his wife’s mayka.

“She said her  parents were in love, but I saw my saas cribbing about my sasur‘s snoring habits,” Arvind disclosed the lack of love he found, “kaun sa pyaar? mujhe toh kahin pyaar nahi dikha. phir yeh kya pyaar karegi?

The girl in question has refused to comment on Arvind’s allegations, which Arvind claims was further proof of her being unfit for the relationship.