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AAP supporters barge into Governor's house to steal Kejriwal's resignation letter

19, May 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. AAP supporters were today caught sneaking into Lt Governor Najeeb Jung’s bungalow with the intent to find and steal Arvind Kejriwal’s resignation letter as CM.

They reportedly took this step after some disgruntled MLAs pressurized Kejriwal to once again form government in Delhi.

Since senior party leaders had already ruled out taking support from Congress, AAP supporters were left with no other option but to steal their CM’s resignation letter and claim he never retired.

But not known to do things quietly, they were caught by Jung’s security personnel and later arrested by Delhi Police.

The supporters who announced that they would  steal, were lead by Ashutosh.
The supporters who announced that their plans, were lead by Ashutosh.

Former Law minister Somnath Bharti defended his supporters and lashed out at Delhi Police for once again doing nothing on rampant criminal activities in Khirki extension and focusing instead on innocent AAP supporters.

According to him they were forced to take such a step since all their pleas to Lt Governor regarding fresh elections fell on deaf ears so far.

“We can’t let Delhi and its aam janta suffer because of no government. The people of the city need a chief minister,” Somnath argued.

Yogendra Yadav too echoed Somnath’s views and denied the step was taken following the debacle in Lok Sabha elections, where NOTA got more votes than AAP in some constituencies.

“In retrospect I feel we should have allied with NOTA. It is quite clear that people voted for us and NOTA for one and the same reason. They were disenchanted with the current political parties and system and were looking for an honest alternative,” Yogendra said downplaying the incident.

Yogendra further credited his party for making Election Commission richer.

“We forfeited deposit in more than 400 seats. This money can now be used by EC to conduct fairer elections in future,” Yadav said pointing another positive for AAP.

Meanwhile Kejriwal who has been uncharacteristically silent so far said he has been busy concentrating on fresh elections and urged Delhi to give him 36 seats and not 50 seats which he had earlier sought after resigning.

“My maths is little weak. I just realized that even 36 is enough to get a majority in Delhi. Hence decided not to get greedy,” Kejriwal defended his stance rubbishing suggestions that he has lost confidence.