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AAP to conduct campus placements to fill vacancies left by senior members

04, Apr 2015 By Ransa

New Delhi. In a new sting operation on AAP, the real reason for removing senior members within  AAP has been revealed. They have basically adopted this idea from the Indian IT services companies who lay off thousands of employees who become unproductive for them.

Kejriwal realized they had to pay high salaries to senior member of party and also since they were senior, they were not putting in those extra hours and were just taking advantage of their positions.

Kejriwal giving pre-placement talk in a campus in Delhi
Kejriwal giving pre-placement talk in a campus in Delhi

Now Kejriwal will be conducting recruitment drives in various MBA and Engineering colleagues of Delhi and would hire individuals in bulk.

When we went to confirm this with Kejriwal, he said, (strictly off record) “We realize that our senior members were not being productive and were creating a lot of trouble. We have taken motivation from one of the most successful industry of India i.e. IT industry. Just like them we have laid off( forced out) few of our senior members and would hire trainees in their spot. This will be a win-win situation for all the people as these trainees would be doing what they are told to do and would not be using any additional mind of their own which can cause trouble to us and along with that we will also be improving the employment percentage in Delhi as we know most of the MBA and engineering students are jobless.”

When asked about senior leader’s future,  Kejriwal said, “they are experienced people, they can get a job anywhere easily. They might get even higher package and other perks in companies like BJP and Congress. Our company is just a start up and these are big companies which also offer on site opportunities if you end up in right department.”

Kejriwal then left to prepare the question paper for recruitment drive.

All the MBA and B.Tech graduates, please keep an eye on placement activities. AAP will be visiting your campus soon.