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AAP to form a parallel government if they don't win Delhi elections

27, Nov 2013 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. In a press conference held at party headquarters Jantar Mantar yesterday, Aam Aadmi Party has decided to form and run a parallel govt in Delhi irrespective of whether they win the upcoming elections or not.

Arvind Kejriwal celebrating his party's victory in alternate reality with other members.
Arvind Kejriwal celebrating his party’s victory in alternate reality with other members.

“In our mind we are already the winners. We are acting like government already what with not paying electricity bills which ministers in power are known to do. We are also confident of bringing about a change in the system instantaneously after taking over unofficially,” shouted Kumar Vishwas to the media present in the conference.

“Since people in the party’s internal surveys have already elected Arvind Kejriwal as their CM, he would respect their decision and choice and preside over the CM’s chair,” he further shouted.

Sources confirm that AAP is already on their way to build an alternate CM office and residence next to the original one with the party funds, where Arvind Kejriwal and Co would sit and take important decisions like whom to expose, whose electricity meter to remove, how many more posters to put for women’s safety, how many more outlandish promises to make etc on a daily basis.

When Faking News pointed that forming a government despite losing would mean going against people’s voice, AAP’s political science expert Yogendra Yadav said he would do another internal survey to find out what people think about this move, “I have always believed ‘Internal Surveys’ are the real voice of people, solution to every problem in India and the only way forward.”

“And I am sure if at all we lose it will be only because those who were voting in the internal surveys, did not get time to vote in reality. Or they were stuck in traffic jams and could not reach the poll booths, which is again result of poor governance by Congress govt. Or there was booth capturing done by insecure BJP and Congress goons. So why should we suffer because of poor state and administration policies,” he further argued.

However neutral political experts in the country are not amused with the decision.

“What’s the point of wasting Tax Payer’s money on these meaningless elections? Why don’t we just scrap them and directly ask AAP to carry out few more internal surveys and predict winners of upcoming state and general elections as well?,” demanded to know one such expert from Times Now.

In other news taking a cue from AAP, convicted politician and ex-Bihar CM Lalu Prasad Yadav too has announced that he would run a parallel government from jail (irrespective of the result of elections) itself to counter communal forces of the country.