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AAP to launch Aam Aadmi Cricket League for all unsold players in IPL auction

13, Feb 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. After seeing so many lesser known players remaining unsold in the ongoing IPL auctions, Aam Aadmi Party has decided to launch their own T20 league for the benefit of whom they call Aam Cricket Players of this world.

This league tentatively titled Aam Aadmi Cricket league (AACL) would be formed from IPL viewers’ tax money and would feature all these unsold players who would get a chance to play in it.

AAP players
Helmets would be replaced by AAP Topis for the league.

To begin with there will be 4 teams in this league namely Somnath Knight Raiders, Vishwas Kochi Tuskers, Yogendra Khaps XI, and Ashutosh Supper Keengs.

“Who are these unsold cricketers? Yeh saare is desh aur duniya ke dabe kuchle, thake hare, aam aur chhote khiladi hain. Yeh ab jaag chuke hain aur hum inhe unka haq dilwayenge,” said Arvind Kejriwal in his inimitable style pointing towards just woken up Praveen Kumar.

Kejriwal also asked honest cricketers from IPL to join AACL if they feel suffocated there.

“Till now auctions used to happen in closed doors of hotels and aam viewers had no role in it. We will change the way cricket and T20 is played and make it a participatory league where viewers will decide through referendums which players they want to see in the field,” he further added with muffler firmly on cheek.

According to sources AAP leader Somnath Bharti has also approached Aam item girls like Rakhi Sawant and Veena Malik to replace the cheergirls in the new AACL.

Initially AAP had planned to stage dharna in front of India Cements office for the passage of Khiladi Pal Bill (which gives equal rights and privilege to all players irrespective of their talent and performances) but decided against it when somebody told him that Srinivasan is a chikna ghada and even Arnab Goswami’s hounding has had no affect on him.

But there are now reports of AACL taking outside financial support of IPL and N Srinivasan himself for lack of enough funds to form a league. When Faking News pointed it out to Kejriwal, he first asked if we were from Times Now and replied when we said No.

“I was personally against the forming of a league. Because we had maintained that we won’t take support from or give to IPL or BCCI. But off late, a section of players and viewers have started to say that we should form the league while another section is opposed to it, so we have decided to go back to people to decide,” Kejriwal said while asking his driver to take a u-turn.