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AAP to now launch helpline for disgruntled leaders within party

06, Apr 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. After launching an anti-corruption helpline in Delhi, AAP is now on its way to launch a new helpline where disgruntled leaders within the party can express their concerns.

Sources say that AAP understands that just like corruption is a growing menace in the city, the dissent among leaders within party wrt functioning of the party and other aspects is also growing by the day.

So, in order to cater to such dissent, the party has decided to launch one more helpline where voices of such leaders will be heard.

The call could be diverted to Kejriwal's number, sources say.
The call could be diverted to Kejriwal’s number, sources say.

“We are very pleased to inform you that soon the likes of Bhushans and Yadavs will have a platform to register their complaints. They need not write open letters or do meaningless Press Conferences henceforth,” Manish Sisiodia announced in a press meet.

However a faction within AAP claims that by launching such helpline, Kejriwal & Co were only trying to curb the voices of dissent and not catering to them.

“They have clearly told everybody that this would be the only platform to communicate dissent. Concerned addressed anywhere else would be null and void and hence wouldn’t be entertained,” a Yogendra Yadav loyalist cum Yogendra Yadav disclosed.

The faction further pointed to certain features of this yet to be launched helpline to strengthen their claims.

“One of the features of this helpline will be that moment your call is put on hold, Kumar Vishwas’ poetry will start playing in the background,” revealed a Bhushan loyalist.

“Well it’s clear. The idea is to discourage such calls. I mean who would want to ruin his entire day by listening to Kumar Vishwas poetry?” he asked.

However Kejriwal loyalists rubbished such allegations.

“It’s bullshit. If that was the case we would not be contemplating having an option to listen to Ashutosh’s tweets by pressing some number. We surely wan’t to keep callers entertained, in case all our operators are occupied,” Ashish Khetan told Faking News.