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After opening a training center to teach protest arts, AAP to offer training in making u-turns

12, Aug 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. After opening “Center for Protest Arts” in North East Delhi, where training related to staging successful protests will be provided to interested people, AAP has now decided to train people in another area of its expertise – U-turns.

The party plans to open a “U-turn University” in the city with the aim to produce world class u-turners, who will shine in areas like politics, economics, driving, and other facets of life.

AAP chief teaching young students nuances of a steep u-turn.
AAP chief teaching young students nuances of a steep u-turn.

“We fear that after legendary Kejriwal ji decides to call it a day, we wouldn’t be left with any talented u-turner to fill up the void and his big shoes chappals,” an AAP member explained how the move will help AAP, and thus the humanity.

While AAP supremo Kejriwal would obviously oversee the progress, Samajwadi Party supremo Mulayam Singh, the original u-turn enthusiast, has been roped in in the capacity of a consultant.

“When Wasim Akram can give tips to Indian fast bowlers, why can’t Netaji break political barriers for a good cause?” an AAP member shot back when asked if the invitation to Netaji meant SP and AAP were bhai bhai.

The curriculum will include u-turn programs in choc-a-bloc Chandani Cowk roads, where students will be asked to make u-turns in peak hours.

AAP members are of the opinion that not only in politics, such u-turns will be of great use even in personal and professional lives of a person.

“You can resign from your job in the morning, go home and relax, and then come back in the evening and claim you never resigned!” an enthusiastic AAP member explained the benefits to lure candidates.

“You can even strengthen your personal relationships at home by telling your wife you never had any girlfriend before her,” he explained how u-turns can bring greatest of the turns in one’s life.

Sources tell Faking News that the party is not going to stop at this and is committed to share their expertise and talent with others. After protests and u-turns, another center is being planned where people will be taught how to successfully trend hashtags on Twitter.

“We will be launching it very soon, before Times Now or the BJP starts it,” confirmed an AAP representative.