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AAP workers angry as Rahul Gandhi calls Modi instead of Kejriwal as Leader of Opposition

11, Oct 2014 By Gaurav Mittal

New Delhi. Rahul Gandhi had called Narendra Modi as the opposition leader of India while addressing a rally in Maharashtra. This has not gone well with Aam Aadmi Party.

The statement made by Rahul Gandhi has annoyed Aam Aadmi Party workers, who consider Arvind Kejriwal as the de facto opposition leader of India because Arvind Kejriwal has the knack of opposing anything and everything that government does (commonly known as “Raita Failana”).

AAP workers resorted to peaceful stone pelting to protest.
AAP workers resorted to peaceful stone pelting to protest.

Angry-young-man-with-white-hair, Ashutosh was really pissed off while attending the discussion in Arnab’s newshour. He said, “This is a total disrespect of our party leader. It seems the Mudi has become everything in this country. We will do a candal march at 5 AM in the morning at Chandini Chalk”. Ashutosh was quite angry and could be seen laughing in disbelief.

Ashutosh further added, “There is no doubt who is providing opposition role. It is AAP. First we were opposing everything done by UPA government and now we are opposing everything done by BJP government. This is exactly the role opposition plays. It is laughable when Rahul Gandhi called Modi as the leader of Opposition.”

Another panelist in the discussion Digvijay Singh said, “Rahul has called Modi opposition leader because Rahul ji is not greedy for any post. We all want him to be Leader of Opposition in Parliament but by calling Modi as Leader of Opposition he has sacrificed  responsibility a big post.”

BJP spokesperson Sambit Patra said, “Congress is living in a state of denial and thinks it is still in power and BJP is in opposition. That is why Rahul Gandhi called Modi as Leader of Opposition.”

There were reactions from other AAP leaders too. While Yogendra Yadav is gearing up for a special survey through which he will declare Arvind Kejriwal as the Leader of Opposition, Kumar Vishwas claimed he was offered the post of opposition leader but he denied.