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Abu Azmi turns into a zombie, on a biting spree to mutate Muslims into creatures like himself

02, May 2014 By idiot420

Lucknow. After saying that there was a need to check DNA of Muslims who didn’t vote for Mulayam, Samajwadi Party stalwart Abu Azmi has tuned into a living zombie to control the DNAs.

He is reported to be on a biting spree to mutate all Muslims into creatures like himself, to make sure his zombie Samajwadi Party doesn’t lose votes.

A close friend of Abu Azmi told Faking News that after delivering the speech, Azmi realized he had unique powers like that of a Zombie.

“His bite causes DNA mutation, and the person whom he bites becomes just like him, mentally,” revealed one of his friends on conditions of anonymity.

Abu Azmi
Socialist Zombie

While this might appear a medical condition, Samajwadi Party is banking heavily on Azmi to get a good percentage of minority vote bank share.

“Whatever Abu Ji is doing is for betterment of society,” said Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Akhilesh Yadav lending support to his party leader.

“I am urging my Muslim brothers to not be afraid of him, he is not a butcher or a demon. His bite is like a vaccine, which will protect people from communal diseases,” Akhilesh added further.

The Uttar Pradesh CM also requested voters to find the nearest person infected by Abu Azmi and get vaccinated as soon as possible. Samajwadi party workers are volunteering by helping to transport the infected people to remote areas, where they can bite others to increase their crowd.

“We have also started an emergency helpline for our Muslim brothers who feel that they are going to vote for some other party. They can give a call on our number and we will make an infected person available at their doorstep within half an hour,” an excited SP worker said.

Even senior leader like Azam Khan felt the need to get bitten by Abu Azmi. “I respect this man a lot. I am yet to reach his level of sanity. Hope this vaccine will help,” said Azam Khan showering praise on his fellow party member.

However, in many Muslim dominated areas, there is a chaotic situation after news went public and people were spotted running here and there to save themselves. As a precautionary measure, many have wrapped steel sheets around their body and were seen carrying sticks in their hand.