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Addressing a new rally, Mulayam Singh now comes out in defense of terrorists, says mistakes by neighbors happen sometime

18, Apr 2014 By indianpsycho

Mainpuri, UP. After his callous remarks on rape, Samajwadi Party chief Mulayam Singh Yadav has once again courted controversy by saying that it was unfair to award death penalty to terrorists for their ‘mistakes’.

Addressing a rally at Mainpuri yesterday, Mulayam promised his core voter base that there would be changes in the tough anti-terrorism laws if his party came to power after the 2014 general elections. He also thanked Congress for removing POTA immediately after their government came to power in 2004 but said more needed to be done to make the laws more lenient for healthy terrorism to flourish in India.

“Don’t be so harsh on these innocent terrorists,” he pleaded.

Referring to the capital punishment meted out by Indian judiciary to Ajmal Kasab, Afzal Guru etc who Mulayam thought were only small time offenders, he said,“Pakistani, Pakistani hain..galti ho jaati hai (Pakistanis will be Pakistanis, they commit mistakes).”

The man whose dream of being a PM can at best be compared with Suresh Raina’s dream of hitting six of a short ball further explained, “Terrorists first infiltrate and befriend locals. When they playfully attack locals in friendship, citizens cry terror terror. We will revoke such harsh laws and will instead punish people or soldiers who misuse the laws by filing frivolous complaints.”

Azam Khan who was also present at the rally and was quite so far, started thunderously applauding Mulayam after he hinted punishing soldiers.

The former CM of Uttar Pradesh denied he was playing vote bank politics and defended terrorists by giving them a benefit of doubt in cases of Bomb Blasts. “When we burst crackers like gola bomb in India nobody raises a finger, but when they indulge in celebrations, we cry foul. This hypocrisy needs to end and people should be more careful to ensure when such celebrations are on they are not outside.”

Meanwhile Abu Azmi, another senior bullshitter leader of SP in Mumbai has defended Mulayam’s remarks and has demanded punishment for people who die or get injured in bomb blasts or terrorist attacks too, calling the equally guilty for the act.