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Advani agrees on Modi after BJP partners with Google for Lal Krishna Android

12, Sep 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. A compromise formula has been reached within BJP over the issue of leadership of Narendra Modi. Sources tell Faking News that LK Advani has finally rested his case and agreed on Modi’s name as the Prime Ministerial candidate of the party.

This breakthrough was achieved after BJP convinced Google to name its next version of Android as Lal Krishna Android (LKA). Google’s decision came after BJP leaders sent a mercy-petition-cum-business-proposal to the internet giant for co-branding.

In a joint press conference with Google’s CEO Larry Page, Rajnath Singh said, “You must have seen roads, airports, grounds, government plans, etc. being named after former PMs, but this is first time in human history that such a widely used high end technical product is being named after a former deputy PM. Even the US president has never achieved such an honor.”

LKA - Lal Krishna Android
Lal Krishna Android – powering conversations

“Getting Android named after you is as good as being the Prime Minister of India. In fact, it’s much better. International name and fame that it will bring to Advani Ji will make his name immortal. BJP is thankful to Larry Ji for accepting our proposal,” the BJP president further said.

“Advani Ji is happy,” he added.

The exclusive features of Lal Krishna Android are not known, though rumors and leaks are already taking place through “sources”. One such rumor says that this version of Android could make even old phones appear young.

While he refused to divulge the tech specifications, Larry Page revealed the reason behind the business decision, “For many months, we have been getting petitions to name Android version after some Indian sweets. As current version is Kit-Kat, next version has to start with ‘L’, and we had few options like Laddoo and Lassi, but no sponsorship money there. Fortunately, BJP came up with something that made business sense.”

When asked what was so “sweet” about LK Advani, Larry said, “When an 85-year-old person loves a post like a 5-year-old loves chocolate, you can only say ‘so sweet!’ and that’s what we said when we got the proposal.”

“It is also ‘so sweet’ to see the same people, who had earlier blamed Advani Ji for 1992 riots, now finding him moderate and inclusive,” Rajnath Singh took the mike from the Google CEO to explain the “sweetness” around LK Advani.

The decision by Google has shocked Congress and Cadbury. Cadbury was planning to launch a chocolate brand starting with letter ‘L’ to become the branding partner for Android 4.5, while Congress fears that the social media will become even more anti-Congress with BJP being the partner of Android.