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Afraid of praising anyone with name Narendra, Congress leader renames his studious son from Narendra to Rahul

14, Oct 2014 By idiot420

Lucknow. Terrified of Shashi Tharoor’s dramatic expulsion from the party spokesperson post for praising Narendra Modi, Mahendra Mishra, a local Congress leader has renamed his studious son from Narendra to Rahul.

Mishra was afraid that he might get sacked from his party position as he often kept singing his son’s academic achievements at party and other public gatherings.

No more a threat for the Congress.

“As a father I was helpless. It was really hard for me to stop myself from telling my fellow party leaders and other people I knew about my son’s achievements,” said Mahendra Mishra, explaining his side of the story.

Adding further, Mishra revealed an incident when he was almost expelled from the party.

“A couple of months ago, at a party meeting, I said our state head that Narendra was performing superb and his competitors were nowhere close to him. He gave me a really dangerous look. I immediately realized my fault and clarified that I was talking about my son,” Mr. Mishra continued, “It was getting too risky.”

After coming to know about the problem his father was facing, Mahendra’s son, Narendra, offered to dip his performance drastically so that his father could say negatives about him at party meetings.

“Initially my father was reluctant. But I requested him to give it a try so that he could regain the respect of his fellow party members, and it really worked,” recalled Narendra.

Reportedly, after Mahendra Mishra told a senior party leader about Narendra scoring 30 out of 100 marks in school exam, he promised him to give MLA ticket in next state elections.

“Although my son was pretending to be happy, deep down he wasn’t. So, finally I decided to change his name to Rahul. Initially I was unsure, if he would be able to repeat his performance under name Rahul, but as a matter of fact he did,” a much relieved Mahendra Mishra told Faking News.

Meanwhile, impressed by Mahendra Mishra’s son Rahul Mishra’s performance, Congress high command has offered Mahendra a senior position in party.

Sources say, top party leaders are quite happy with Mahendra’s initiative to raise brand value of the name Rahul, which had tanked in last couple of years.