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After 0 seats in Delhi elections, Congress eyeing 0 in Bihar elections, Rahul Gandhi wants to start from scratch

18, Feb 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. According to reports coming in from Congress headquarters, the party after getting wiped out from Delhi has now already started preparing for the upcoming Bihar elections.

After having bagged 0 seats in Delhi, Congress intends to repeat its performance at Bihar and is eyeing 0 seats there as well.

This target has been set at the behest of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi who had in unequivocal terms told his party leaders, after heavy Lok Sabha defeat, that he wants to build the party from scratch.

“I had said during one of our CWC meetings that Congress needs to start from scratch and I am glad we are on our course to reach ‘scratch’ and start from there,” said Rahul Gandhi as sweets were distributed at party headquarters.

“Jo Congress party mein jeetne ke liye aaya hai, woh kripya baahar chala jaaye”

“We will reduce ourselves to zero everywhere and then rise like phoenix from there,” he said confidently but at the same time cautioned his party against ‘lack of complacency’.

“The situation in Bihar is very volatile. The elections are very much imminent in near future. We don’t want to go there unprepared and end up winning some seats,” Rahul told senior party leaders from Bihar.

If sources are to be believed, Rahul was reportedly very upset with Congress’ relatively better performance in Maharashtra and J&K elections compared to how they performed in Lok Sbaha elections there. He was angry with the slight upswing in Congress’ vote share.

Congress insiders confirm that he was so enraged that he blasted all MLAs who had won in Maharasthra, Haryana, Jharkhand and J&K; issuing show cause notice to all.

After that Congress did some course correction, reduced their vote share and more importantly number of seats to 0 in Delhi.

“We should ideally be eyeing NOTA vote share and take inspiration from their performance,” Rahul told Faking News.

Meanwhile leaders of Bihar Congress unit are confused how they will manage to not win a single seat.

“I don’t know how if that’s even possible in a largely rural state like Bihar, where there is still not enough disillusionment within voters with regards to our party,” said a senior leader from Bihar on conditions of anonymity.

“Looking at Mission 0 that Rahul ji has set for Bihar, targets set by Amit Shah for BJP look seemingly achievable,” claimed a sitting Congress MLA for 4 continuous terms, who is worried that he may win again.