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After asking Kiran Bedi to not politicize freedom fighters, Kejriwal claims Bhagat Singh was a struggling Bollywood dialogue writer

22, Jan 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. After criticizing Kiran Bedi and asking her to not politicize and saffronize freedom fighters, when she put a saffron scarf around Lala Lajpat Rai’s statue in Krishna Nagar, AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal has now dismissed suggestions that AAP too has chosen that route many a times in the past.

When pointed that so many AAP leaders and he himself had in the past compared themselves with Bhagat Singh, Kejriwal argued that Bhagat Singh wasn’t initially a freedom fighter, and that his real profession was something else.

AAP claims there was a pen in the photo of Bhagat Singh's hands, which  BJP stole.
Kejriwal claims that Bhagat Singh’s shirt’s pocket in his photo was always clipped, because it had a pen, and that there was a BJP/RSS conspiracy behind it

“I don’t think Bhagat Singh ji was a freedom fighter. I have strong evidence that proves that he was a supremely talented dialogue writer,” Kejriwal said as he flashed 300 pages of Bhagat Singh quotes in front of media.

Strengthening his claims further he pointed, “Have you heard this dialogue ‘Janta hoon aap meri shaadi karwana chahte hai, par meri dulhan to aazadi hai’ and many other similar gems. Don’t think any freedom fighter can come up with such awesome dialogues.”

Kejriwal further argued that not many people were aware of this fact simply because there was no RTI back then and also because Bhagat Singh was only a struggling Bollywood writer.

“It was his pain of not making it big in Hindi film industry, despite being so talented that he took up freedom fighting later, hoping to get his due in an independent India,” Kejriwal claimed, “And he used the lines that he composed as a writer, as a tool to fight against Britishers.”

“So obviously if my party members or I have ever tried comparing myself with him, always remember, the comparison was with Bhagat Singh ‘the writer’ and not Bhagat Singh ‘the freedom fighter’ that we know,” he concluded claiming that his party always does thorough professional background check before comparing itself with any legends.

Meanwhile IT cell of AAP is already in the process of ascertaining real profession of Mahatma Gandhi before they can blatantly start comparing themselves with him on regular basis.