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After being attacked by Shiv Sainiks, buses in Pune demand Z+ security

02, Jun 2014 By indianpsycho

Pune. Fed up with being vandalized and attacked every time there was something controversial, Buses Association of Pune (BAP) today urged Home Minister Rajnath Singh that they be provided Z plus security.

The demand was made in the aftermath of the attack on buses by angry Shiv Sainiks, who went on a rampage protesting against derogatory posts on Facebook. The attack reportedly left 249 buses brutally damaged, with many of them struggling for their lives.

“In the view of the barbaric violence that our brothers and sisters were subjected to in last 2 days, we feel extremely unsafe and vulnerable on streets and request the concerned authorities to provide Z plus security to our community with immediate effect,” read a press statement by BAP.

One of the buses that was said to be in critical condition by a mechanic.
One of the buses that was said to be in a critical condition by a mechanic.

Buses are especially pissed off over the fact that they are attacked despite no bus ever deliberately hurting anyone, let alone posting anything on Facebook.

“Why are we being targeted? The only books we are registered in are RTO books, and none of us have registered ourselves with Facebook. We don’t even know who Shivaji and Bal Thackeray is,” cried a bus whose son had to be admitted in ICU of a garage.

“It is like firing your driver because you didn’t like food cooked by your cook,” the bus said, wiping his tears off the broken windscreen.

“We are the easiest targets in this country. As if petrol hikes and India losing a match was not enough, now they have started attacking us over something on Facebook as well,” the bus told Faking News.

Buses fear the activists of parties like Shiv Sena and MNS the most, who they claim have still not evolved enough to differentiate between living and non-living things.

“One MNS guy once tried to ask if we were from Bihar and strangulated us when we didn’t answer,” a bus recalled an incident that took place last year after a Bhojpuri movie poster was pasted on it.

The demand by BAP was supported by shops, private vehicles, and stones, which are often dragged into violence despite most of them being peace loving non living beings.

Following the non-violent protests by buses and their friends, the union government swung into action and announced a compensation of 1000 liters of unadulterated petrol for the buses grievously injured, and 5000 liters for the next of kin of those buses that could not survive. However, they remained non-committal on giving security cover to buses.

Meanwhile in a related incident, a Shiv Sainik claimed that he had to be hospitalized after he was poked on Facebook by the same people responsible for the objectionable posts.