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After BJP's bypoll debacle, Uddhav Thackeray danced for one hour more than SP leaders

17, Sep 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. If reports from Matoshree are to be believed, immediately after it became clear that BJP has fared badly in the by-polls, Shiv Sena chief, Uddhav Tahckeray began dancing in his living room.

“Put your hands up in the air”

He was reportedly following proceedings of by poll results on TV and had already started shaking his legs after seeing BJP losing ground in early trends. And just when it became apparent that it was a debacle for BJP, he jumped from his chair and started dancing uncontrollably.

So long was his duration of dance that he ended up dancing for one hour more than Samajwadi Party’s leaders, who had a reason to dance as they were celebrating their victory in Uttar Pradesh.

After dancing for few hours, leaders of SP however got back to work ie: issuing stupid and communal statements, but Uddhav continued.

While dancing he was even heard screaming “Modi wave mazha paula” and “Yaa, Atta maaga seats”, sources confirm.

His happiness could be gauged from the fact that he even let go off few bihari autowallahs that his sainiks had brought to Matoshree as their daily routine. He sent them off with sweets for their family.

He stopped dancing only after he was told by aides that he was celebrating success of a North Indian party in Uttar Pradesh.

However after regaining senses he called up his Saamna team and blasted BJP, Modi, Amit Shah etc to his heart’s content.

“When BJP wins then Uddhav saheb doesn’t spare them, toh is baar toh banta tha boss,” argued a close aide of Sena chief when asked why did he do so to his own alliance partner?

Experts say it is the same feeling when an Indian fast bowler sees his colleague being ripped apart by batsmen.

“He himself may not be doing anything worthwhile but gets excited watching others fail,” an expert told Faking News.

Meanwhile after initially demanding their seat share be increased in Maharashtra, BJP is now in talks with Shiv Sena to retain whatever seats they have.