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After casting his own vote, man attempts to cast vote for his fake Facebook profile

04, Dec 2013 By idiot420

New Delhi. Kartik, a resident of Karol Bagh was detained for questioning by police after a failed attempt to vote twice. Officials say that after casting his original vote, Kartik was trying to cast vote even for his fake Facebook profile.

“It is not a traditional case of proxy voting or booth capturing, it’s a case which has much to do with how the virtual lives of people are impacting their real lives,” said Delhi police commissioner Bhim Sain Bassi.

Me Myself and Irene
One of the pictures liked by Kartik from both his Facebook profiles

“Kartik was living a dual cyber life – one of his own, and other of the fake account he created with the same name. He was so obsessed with his fake Kartik profile that he started believing as if he were two persons instead of one. In short, he was suffering from split personality disorder,” the commissioner explained.

Sources (fake profiles of girls added to both the accounts of Kartik) say that Kartik was a devoted AAP activist on his original profile, while on his fake profile he was a staunch BJP supporter and a diehard Narendra Modi fan.

“It’s not surprising. Many surveys have revealed that there are people in Delhi who are supporting BJP at center but AAP in the local assembly election, but we never knew this dual support could lead to dual personality,” said Jay Prakash Narain, a political expert.

Police sources say that after voting for AAP in the morning, Kartik returned to his home and logged into Facebook to put pictures of his blue inked finger. Later, out of habit, he also logged into his fake profile, and that’s when he felt an insuppressible urge to vote for BJP too.

“He came back home, went to his bedroom, and after half an hour, he said he was going to finish a pending work,” revealed Kartik’s mother. About an hour later, she got the news of her son being detained by the police.

These facts were revealed during questioning by the police. To make sure he was not telling a lie, police also searched Kartik’s house. Sources say that they found lotuses and brooms hanging all around on his bedroom’s wall.