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After comparing Kerala to Somalia, Modi offends Keralites by saying Singapore is better than Dubai

11, May 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Kochi: A day after raising a political storm by saying that infant mortality rate among STs in Kerala was worse than Somalia, Indian PM Narendra Modi has offended many Keralites again by saying that Singapore is better than Dubai.

Dubai district of Kerala

Speaking at a political rally in the state, PM Modi remarked that Keralites keep heading towards Dubai when Singapore is a much better option. Modi went a step ahead and asked Keralites to learn from Tamils who prefer Singapore to Dubai.

There are nearly 3 Million Keralites in the Gulf with the largest number of them living in Dubai. As per experts, Modi may have ended BJP’s hopes in Kerala by implying that some other city is better than Dubai.

During his speech, Narendra Modi mentioned that Singapore has a better airport, better buildings, better planning, has greater social equality and is generally cleaner than Dubai. These comments haven’t gone down well with the Keralites who have long considered Dubai a holy place.

“First he says infant mortality rate in Kerala is higher than Somalia, which was ok, who knows it could be true. But then he said that our Dubai isn’t the best city in the world and then he asks us to learn from Tamil people? Why is he hell bent on offending us?” asked an irate Ratheesh, a resident of Kochi.

Another local resident Lijo John joined in and told this Faking News reporter, “What is Modi even talking about? Look at Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall, Atlantis, Palm Jumeirah, how can Singapore match all these things? Malayalis have built Dubai through their sweat and blood and you can’t come here and start saying that some other city is better. Not if you want to win an election.”

“Since he doesn’t understand Malayalam, let me tell him in Hindi. Modi Ji, Singapore zindabad hoga usse humein koi aitraaz nahin lekin hamara Dubai Zindabad tha, Zindabad hai aur Zindabad rahega!” Lijo added.

Meanwhile, Kerala BJP has now requested Rahul Gandhi to campaign in the state to undo the damage caused by Narendra Modi’s Dubai remark.