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After Congress announces CM candidate for UP, even AIADMK has decided to announce one

14, Jul 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Lucknow: On the day when Congress announced its CM candidate for next year’s UP elections, AIADMK has also announced that they will be announcing a CM candidate as well for UP. Several other regional parties from other states have also dropped hints that they may announce a CM candidate as many thought it must be mandatory for every party to announce one.

Sheila Dixit
Sheila Ji doing facepalm after she was announced as the CM candidate

Elections in UP are due early next year and there is expected to be a tough contest between the ruling Samajwadi party, Mayawati led Bahujan Samaj Party and BJP who swept the state during general elections in 2014. Among all these parties, Congress is also trying hard to put up a fight with Prashant Kishore running the campaign.

“We know we have no chance of winning any seats in UP but if Congress is announcing a CM candidate there, then we felt we must announce one also. Maybe there is some ruling by Election Commission saying every registered party must have one. We generally ignore correspondence from EC so we weren’t sure and decided to play it safe. We will not field any candidate in UP but we will have a CM candidate”, a spokesperson for AIADMK said.

“It is not just us, soon you will see parties like DMK, TMC, BJD, MNS also come out with their CM candidates for UP. We all have as much of a chance of winning the UP elections as Congress so why not”, the spokesperson added.

Meanwhile, Suresh Kalmadi has asked Sheila Dixit to bid for Asian Games if she ever becomes UP CM so that he can help write Sheila Dixit’s name in UP’s history books as well after doing it successfully in Delhi.

In related news, AAP is also considering fighting UP elections now to produce the 2nd season of kejriwal vs Sheila Dixit.