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After exit poll results, Shiv Sena reconsidering post poll alliance with its ego

17, Oct 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Shiv Sena who broke alliance with BJP to form alliance with its ‘ego’ before elections is now reconsidering the alliance post exit poll results.

Majority of the exit polls have been showing a comfortable victory for BJP in Maharashtra which has led the senior management in Shiv Sena wondering if their decision to ally with ego was correct after all.

Aditya showing his father the exit poll results.
Aditya showing his father the exit poll results.

“If we take exit polls at face value, it seems ego is not going to get us any seats. On the contrary it is likely to have a detrimental effect and we may lose seats that we could have won. So for a change we are contemplating allying with a party that gets some seats,” a rare modest leader from Shiv Sena said on conditions of anonymity and sensibility.

Though Shiv Sena agrees it will be very difficult on a personal level to let go off the alliance with ‘ego’ as it was even older than their alliance with BJP.

“Ego may not have been good for our electoral prospects but even before Balasaheb established alliance with BJP, Ego was our first alliance partner and has remained with us since then,” said an emotional Sanjay Raut.

“In fact ego has been with us through thick and thin very thick. When even our own family members deserted us and left party, ego stood by us like a rock and refused to leave us,” Raut explained how highly ‘Ego’ is regarded by party members.

Raut claimed that Uddhav Thackeray calling Raj Thackeray prior to elections was Shiv Sena’s first step towards detaching itself from ego.

“Immediately after the call, Uddhav saheb started feeling breathless as if he was experiencing some withdrawal symptoms. That’s when we realized that for us breaking up with ego would be as tough some smoker breaking up with cigarettes,” Raut explained how Shiv Sena now intends to terminate the alliance in a phased manner.