After Fat tax, Kerala govt to levy “Lazy Tax” on people who have never gone to Gulf

13, Jul 2016 By Hemant Bijapurkar

Thiruvananthapuram: Close on the heels of its decision to levy 14.5% Fat Tax on junk food, Kerala government has now decided to come up with a new “Lazy Tax” for adult Keralites who have never visited the Gulf. This tax will be levied on them every time they travel within India.

Gulf air
Get on that plane now or pay the tax!

Speaking to Faking News, A senior minister in Kerala Government said, “Well we were already very happy with the revenue Fat Tax is generating and were looking for more innovative ways to boost our revenues. Now as you know remittances from Gulf based Keralites are our biggest source of money, we started thinking how we can milk that cow a bit more. Then it struck us, we can penalize the lazy Malayalis who never go to Gulf. Every time they travel domestically, they will have to pay 15% extra because they have never been to Gulf.”

“We will issue a card to everyone whose passport has a visa of any Gulf country, if you don’t show that card at the ticket counter; you will be paying 15% extra. As it is, Left front governments in Kerala have motivated plenty of Keralites to move abroad, after this step, more and more of them will head to Gulf”, the smiling minister added.

The government has clarified that a visit visa will not count and a person should have a business visa or a work visa on the passport to avoid this tax. Shortly after this announcement, people who had never gone to any Gulf country started calling their relatives there to arrange for at least a business visa.

Meanwhile, inspired by Kerala Government, Punjab Government proposed a tax on Punjabis who have never been to Canada. However, they later withdrew that when someone reminded CM Badal that elections are due soon.