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After History, Modi now found lacking in Chemistry knowledge too

28, Feb 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. After continuously fumbling with historical facts, latest being the suggestion that Bhagat Singh and friends were jailed in Andaman-Nicobar islands, it has been now found that BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi lacks knowledge about chemistry too.

The truth came out when Modi, while addressing students pursuing graduation in Delhi University, erred in his knowledge about chemical composition of alcohol.

Modi history
Modi wondering over the chemical locha

While talking passionately about the progress in Gujarat, Modi explained why alcohol is banned there.

“It was not me who has banned alcohol,” Modi said as bewadas Bachelors of Science students cheered, “Gujarat has been a dry state since long to pay tribute to Gandhiji.”

“We Gujaratis are comfortable with meetha, not methanol,” he added, trying to impress students by talking in their language and by using alliteration, but this statement caused a huge controversy exposing Modi’s lack of chemistry knowledge.

“Methanol is not the alcohol we drink, it’s ethanol,” pointed out many experts, many of whom became expert on chemical names only after Modi made the gaffe.

“Methanol is poisonous alcohol, but no wonder Modi talks about it instead of ethanol. What a poisonous mind! Fascist streaks exposed!” claimed a leading journalist.

Not only journalists and experts, political parties too criticized Modi for having such abysmal level of knowledge.

“It is disgraceful that an aspiring PM doesn’t have sound knowledge about Chemistry, which is very vital to be a good PM. And this, after he himself claimed few days back that 2014 polls will be all about chemistry and not mathematics. Shameful!” read the joint statement issued by Congress, AAP and all other secular parties.

“You would be amazed to know the command Rahul Gandhi Ji has over Chemistry. He knows chemical formulas of all the elements and compounds by heart. He invented periodic table,” Sanjay Jha told Faking News.

“Moody sud know tht menthol is wrong and ethenaul is the write answer. Kejariwal knows best kemistry.” read one of the tweets by AAP leader Ashutosh.

But BJP leaders downplayed the issue and claimed that it was not Modi but UPA government that was weak in Chemistry.

“What has the current PM done to lift the spirits of Indian economy in last 10 years?” argued Ravi Shankar Prasad falling short of demanding Manmohan Singh’s resignation over the issue.