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After Jitendra Tomar, Kejriwal to soon get upset with Somnath Bharti: Sources

12, Jun 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. If sources close to AAP are to be believed soon after getting upset with ex-Delhi law minister and jailed AAP MLA Jitendra Tomar over his fake degree row, AAP supremo Arvind Kejriwal could soon get upset with another MLA Somnath Bharti too over his involvement in domestic violence.

Sources claim till the D-Day Somnath would receive all the backing of AAP like Tomar, before it is suddenly withdrawn.

“All will be hunky dory between the two for a while and Kejriwal would even go onto defend Somnath to the max that he can before one fine day deciding to get upset with him,” the source revealed how the sequel of ‘Kejriwal is Upset’ is being planned out.

“Dekhiye abhi time hai mere naraaz hone mein”

“Initially AAP would accuse Modi and BJP of creating issue in marital life of Bharti and wife, forcing him to beat her up, but when Somnath would produce a fake RTI to prove his innocence, then there would be sudden explicable transformation in Kejriwal’s emotions,” the source went on to add.

Sources further claim that Ashutosh, who is to Kejriwal, what Ahmed Patel was to Sonia Gandhi, would do the honors of planting this news in the media of Kejriwal’s unhappiness or may set the ball rolling by tweeting about it with hashtag #IsModiScaredofKejriwal’sUpsetness?

“Will he have to now  take permission of Modi and LG Najeeb Jung before he decides to get unhappy? Can a aam aadmi not even get upset in this country? Is this acche din?” Ashutosh tried to deviate from the question when asked about timing of Kejriwal’s unhappiness.

He excused himself for a moment before posting this on Twitter.

Why Modi govt wants us to put in jail? Because Kejriwal govt shows they can be as unhappy as farmers, traders and poor people of this country.”