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After Manjhi’s rebellion in Bihar, Manmohan Singh’s respect increases manifold within Congress

09, Feb 2015 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. After seeing the political upheaval caused by alleged remote control CM of Bihar, Jeetan Ram Manjhi’s rebellion and refusal to resign, Congress has suddenly discovered a new found respect for former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

If reports are to be believed admiration for MMS within Congress ranks has grown manifold in last 2-3 days.

A proud Sonia Gandhi.
A proud Sonia Gandhi.

“Hats off to his honesty and humility! Despite being in a position of power for good 10 years, he tried to remain as powerless as Advani ji in BJP,” said a top Congress leader.

“He is the real Aam Aadmi,” he quickly added.

“Come to think of it being in a much more tempting and powerful position than Manjhi, Mannu sir could have easily gone ahead and done much more than what Manjhi has, but he didn’t,” he went on to explain.

If sources are to be believed top congress leaders including Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi ran up to Manmohan Singh and kissed his forehead to express their gratitude to him.

“So many times, Sonia ji and Rahul ji went on foreign trips, but not once did Manmohan Singh take advantage of that fact. We always took him for granted, but he never let those humiliations cloud his thinking,” Digvijay Singh told Faking News.

“I hope we continue getting PM candidates like him till Rahul ji is ready,” he added.

Congress leaders further disclosed as to how scared they would become whenever Manmohan Singh would watch his favorite film Baazigar.

“Can you believe that despite having watched the film over 40 times during his tenure, nor once did idea of taking inspiration from it, crossed his mind,” pointed a close aide of MMS from PMO.

Congress President too let her happiness known and appeared proud over her decision to make Manmohan Singh PM.

Humne Bhilli ko dude ki rakhwali kharne khe liye di aur usne khi,” said Sonia Gandhi as Manmohan Singh thanked her for trusting him.