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After official list of spokespersons, AAP to issue official list of honest persons

16, Jan 2014 By idiot420

New Delhi. Taking the way political parties function to a whole new level, Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) has decided to issue a list of honest members, only whose statements should be taken on face value by the media.

This came after members like Vinod Kumar Binny and Tina Sharma were found to be lacking in honesty.

Earlier today, Binny, who is an MLA too, had raised questions over the way party and Arvind Kejriwal functioned and it was subsequently found that he had become dishonest in his thoughts.

Vinod Kumar Binny
He’s on the negative list

“There was a lot of confusion on ideology of the party after Prashant Bhushan aired his personal opinions and when recently new joinee Captain Gopinath came up with his opinion. To clear that confusion, we came up with a list of official spokespersons, whose views will be treated as party views,” AAP leader Yogendra Yadav said.

“We also realized that there was a lot of confusion on the honesty of our party too after people like Vinod Binny started speaking up,” Yadav added, “Hence we have decided to issue an official list of honest members too. Only views on these people should be treated as the gospel truth.”

The list currently has the name of Arvind Kejriwal and it will be expanded soon.

“We will talk to all members and more names will be added,” Yadav said.

When Faking News asked why should we consider his statement as a truth as his own name was not there in the list yet, Yadav pushed out his chin and said, “Please give us time. There are processes that have to be followed.”

Party sources further inform that the list will be periodically updated and new names will be added or deleted as per the existing circumstances of that time.

“List will keep on changing, depending on current ideologies of leaders, their current mental status, their personal problems, their mood, whether they are drunk or not. In short, complete transparency,” a party source revealed.

“Human mind is the most turbulent thing in this world, it always keep changing. So it makes sense,” an AAP supporter reacted to the development.

“Honesty is a state of mind,” claimed another supporter.