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After Paswan’s party burns effigies of Salman for meeting Modi, Salman to invite Paswan for Iftar party to make amends

16, Jan 2014 By indianpsycho

Mumbai. Immediately after it came to Salman’s knowledge that his effigies are being burnt by Ram Vilas Paswan’s LJP workers in Patna, for flying kites and having lunch with Narendra Modi, the actor decided to make amends for it by organizing a large iftar party and inviting Paswan.

“Salman is very generous guy. He just wants to be good with everyone out there,” said Arbaz refusing to admit it as merely a damage control exercise.

Scenes from rehearsal.

This party is being planned for sometime next month so that it presents Paswan with perfect opportunity to meet and promote himself among large number of muslims (who are expected to turn up) before elections.

“Salman Bhai knows the importance of Iftar parties. He has often used them as platform to reconcile with old enemies,” Shera, Salman’s bodyguard revealed.

According to sources renowned peacemaker Baba Siddique has already been hired by bhai and rehearsals are going on at full swing at Galaxy Apartments daily to make it look like a perfect chance encounter lest some other party gets upset and calls it a pre planned event.

If this doesn’t convince Paswan, Salman is even willing to endorse him the way he endorsed Modi. “We can have 2 prime ministers, one for entire India and another for minority community,” he is believed to have argued.

“Do you think Bhai’s fans give a damn to all this?” shot back Shera when pointed out that Eid is due for July and Salman is having Iftar 5 months in advance.

“If bhai is organizing Iftar in february then calendar must be wrong not bhai,” said an autowala who is a huge fan of Salman.

If reports are to be believed earlier Salman was thinking of dressing up like Osama bin laden to help Paswan recreate the magic that he had tired a few years ago. But political advisers of Paswan told him that Osama is long dead and instead of attracting muslims he would end up shooing away and scaring them.

Meanwhile LJP workers have been hit hard by this development which has made them clueless as to whose effigies to burn next. Rumours say to keep themselves busy they are now planning to burns posters of KRK for ‘not’ endorsing Narendra Modi. For that a vendor has already been asked to design posters as there are none available in the market or walls.