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After Shazia's video leak, JNU launches new course Bachelors of 'Good Communalism'

23, Apr 2014 By indianpsycho

New Delhi. With debate about communalism peaking after Shazia Ilmi’s leaked video, where she urges Muslims to turn communal and vote for their very own Arvind Kejriwal, JNU has decided to clear the confusion and launched a new course Bachelors of Good Communalism.

After many celebrities came out and claimed that there are also degrees of communalism like good and bad communalism with Shazia belonging to the former category as what she said was in good spirit and for betterment of a particular community, JNU thought it was imperative to settle the debate once and for all and announced this course.

Shazia Ilmi communal
Shazia Ilmi’s degree certifying her as a good and noble communal.

Earlier Delhi University had launched a similar course, B. Sc (Bachelors of Secularism) to produce world class seculars.

“There are lots of bad saffron communals roaming in the society today and trying to harm the communal fabric of the country. Few such bad communals bring bad name to entire communal community,” said JNU director a self confessed good communal at the course launch gathering.

Now students can choose any of the following types of specializations and become a certified good communal.

1. Honest Communalism: A person resorting to communalism and issuing statements to the effect, but with self proclaimed honest intentions. Shazia Ilmi has already been awarded degree for this, based on her performance in the video.

2. Secular Communalism: A type where minority religion is appeased and asked to vote collectively where as majority religion is ignored and divided on caste based lines for political gains. This course will be headed by Digvijay Singh with guest lectures from Nitish Kumar.

3. Opportunist Communalism: A type in which leaders of Samajwadi Party, Shiv Sena etc excel; where communalism is practiced not by choice but under some political compulsions.

4. Selective Communalism: Communalism practiced towards all but one minority religion. Anti-sikh sentiments during Indira’s reign being the prime example of this branch of good communalism.

Besides this, JNU also intends to launch a course for bad communalism, if there is not much opposition. This course would have only 2 specializations, India first communalism (where interests of all countrymen take precedent over caste or religion based appeasement) and Development communalism (where development and growth is given priority than hiding behind the garb of secularism)

Meanwhile taking a cue from JNU, Mulayam Singh has decided to launch a course in UP, which will segregate rapists on the basis of good rapists and bad rapists.