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After showing off fake Osama, Lalu fakes iftar party to strengthen his secular image

11, Jul 2013 By Shaitaan Khopdi ™

Patna. Lalu Prasad Yadav is a worried man these days. His cause of worry is his vote-bank being snapped by new secular on the block Nitish Kumar.

After enjoying the CM post for 7 year with BJP’s help, last month Nitish Kumar finally decided it was time to turn secular for 2014 polls. Lalu could see red flags flying all around. In a desperate attempt to emphasize on his secular credentials, Lalu Prasad Yadav held a grand iftar party at his residence yesterday.

He was expecting a turnout of around 1500-2000 people, but surprisingly all he could get was lot of media attention and some students of nearby engineering colleges who were waiting for an opportunity to get into the crowd and have a feast at Lalu’s expense.

Lalu and Osama
Real Lalu Yadav with Fake Osama Bin Laden

To save the face in front of large media gathering, Lalu once again banked on his ability to fake things and quickly arranged for people dressed as ordinary Muslims and minority leaders who got on stage for grand photo op. Earlier, he had arranged for a fake Osama Bin Laden to attract Muslim votes, apart from faking support of people by booth capturing and later faking Rabri Devi as Bihar Chief Minister.

Sources tell Faking News that most of the people seen on stage were from a local drama company called Jor-daar Drama Undertaking (JDU). They are hoping to do a brisk business this Ramzan as lot of people would like to prove their secular image by hosting iftar parties and showing off fasting Muslims.

“Sometimes you will have to wear a cap, sometimes you will have to sport a tilak. We are actors and we have to act according to the situation at hand,” explained the drama company leader ‘Munna’.

The drama company got money and media got news, apart from free food, but the worst casualty amid all this drama were the engineering students who were thrown out of the premises. The students later staged a protest shouting slogans against Lalu.

“We are the most secular species in India. We enjoy all the festivals alike. A holiday is a holiday for us, no matter Diwali or Eid. How can a secular leader throw secular people out?” protested a student who is now waiting for Nitish Kumar to host iftar party.

Meanwhile the intended invitees of the iftar party were equally furious. One of them explained to our sources why none of them turned up at the event.

“This Lalu guy is in such a hurry that he held an iftar party even before Ramzan started. He might be an expert faker but we don’t fake our festivals,” said a fasting Abdul.