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After Swamy spoke of burning history books, students shocked to know there are history books

16, Oct 2014 By manithan

New Delhi: In a recent function, Swamy is said to have urged the students of particular university to burn the books written by Nehruvian and Marxist historians. He also tweeted about it via his Twitter account, which is a parallel center of governance in the virtual world. This has created a storm among his virat followers and intellectuals-liberals-seculars of India.

Sudarshan Pillai, an eminent historian, said, “There were only two book burning incidents in the whole history of mankind. One was in Nazi Germany and other will be in Modi’s India, if students pay heed to the words of that Swamy.”

But the students feel otherwise about this incident. When we contacted few students who were present in that function, where Swamy gave this blasphemous speech, many expressed shock over the mention of history books.

Joseph, hailing from Kochi and studying in third-year economics, said, “When he asked to burn the books of Nehruvian historians, we were shell shocked. Not because of the burning part, but because of the mention of history books. It is unbelievable that people write history books and someone buys it to read it too! I still cannot fathom what kind of a boring person will become a historian. I never bought any history book in my life, so what can I burn now?”

Sirisha Bhatt, originally from Jaipur and studying second-year physics, said, “All these years, when it comes to book writers, I knew only of Ravinder Singh and Chetan Bhagat. And there were gossips about Twilight and Shades of Grey in our hostel room. But the last time I slept peacefully was in history classes in school. It is a blessing that I cleared history exams in school. But why would someone buy a history book? Maybe if they don’t give pillow in hostel, I can buy those history books and sleep on it.”

Many other students echoed similar sentiments as they thought only “guides” to history books existed. But there were a few exceptions too.

Rajesh Kumar of first-year history, said, “History is my forte. As per my reading of Indian history written by the Leftist Marxist Nehruvist historians, the Muslim rulers and British lords were very much instrumental in maintaining the ecological balance of our mutli-societal country by weaving the secular fabric upon the innately barbaric Hindus and they brought upon wars and famines in order to effectively reduce the aboriginal population and brought out a spectrum of civilization by normalizing the castes and formalizing the idea of India.”

Meanwhile, Chetan Bhagat haters have initiated a campaign to burn his books too, which they say are gross misinterpretation of Indian history by the author.

The champion of the campaign, Supermanian Maami, spoke to us via phone, “No falsification of history should be allowed in India. Chetan Bhagat misinterpreted IITians in 5 point someone, BPO workers in One Night At Call Centre and the worst was showing Alia Bhatt as Tamizh girl in Two States. He should rewrite his books correcting those mistakes. Imagine a guy questioning the intelligence of Tamil girls now? That is the shame brought about by Bhagatian history.”

A pie chart released by Thoo Research Institute, categorizing how people approach History books.