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After Twitter suspensions, Derek O'Brien raises issue of Tweet copying in Rajya Sabha

03, Feb 2017 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: A day after raising the issue of suspended Twitter accounts in Parliament, TMC MP Derek O’Brien has raised another issue of national important in the Parliament. Waving printouts of hundreds of tweets, former quiz master raised the burning issue of tweet copying earlier today.

Tweet chors, Watch out, He is coming for you
Tweet chors, Watch out, He is coming for you

Speaking in Rajya Sabha, the TMC MP listed 100s of Twitter handles and Facebook pages that use copied tweets and don’t give credit. A shouting match broke out soon after when some of the MPs also found a mention in the list of tweet chors and that led to another adjournment of the house.

Speaking out side the Parliament, an angry O’Brien said ,”Shameful behavior by BJP MPs who stopped me from raising this critical issue of national importance. They were trying to stop me from revealing that Narendra Modi also follows some of these people who copy tweets. They will not be able to silence me and I will keep raising this issue every day in the Parliament.”

When we asked him why is he so concerned about it, he said ,”Oh come on, why shouldn’t we be concerned about it? Our youngsters are working hard on thinking up those jokes and making those memes. Then someone else comes and simply steals their content and gets more retweets. This demoralizes our up and coming content creators and sends them into depression. As MPs, we must support them and protect their content. But Modi ji is encouraging such behaviour by following those tweet chors.”

A veteran Rajya Sabha MP commenting on the whole issue said ,”I think Derek should be allowed to discuss tweet copying in Rajya Sabha. We have to keep finding ways to keep ourselves occupied and Twitter is a nice issue to discuss.”