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After watching too much of Lalit Modi on news channels for the last 2 days, man fails to recognize his own family members

18, Jun 2015 By @jurnoleast

Mumbai: PK Roy, a man in his late early 60s, has a peculiar problem. For the past few days he has not been able to recognize any of his family members and it has nothing to do with his old age.

Everything and everyone is Lalit Modi now
Everything and everyone is Lalit Modi now

His son spoke to our reporter and said, “Dad’s problem started a few days back. It’s been a few years since he retired so he spends most of his time watching TV and since he likes current affairs, he spends most of his time watching News. He was fine few days back. The problem started since the Lalit Modi story started hogging headlines. Almost every news channel was carrying the story and all we could see on our TV screens were pictures of Lalit Modi. It seems to have had a profound effect on my father and now he can only see Lalit Modi everywhere. He acts like we are strangers.”

Mr. Roy’s daughter-in-law blamed the media for this. She said, “The media has been giving too much coverage to this news. Isn’t there anything else to report on? Where are all the UP ministers, Yogi Adityanath and people like them who make controversial statements just to be in the news. These guys can bail the viewers out. Why aren’t they saying anything?”

Faking News spoke to psychologist Deepesh Chopra about this issue and how one can deal with it. He said, “The answer lies in cosmic consciousness. With too much exposure to images of Lalit Modi, Mr. Roy’s subconscious mind is playing games. The problem can be taken care of by changing the stimuli. Social media can be of help. He can open a twitter account and interact with people, who just like him, have a lot of time to spare.”

Meanwhile Arnab Goswami is reported to be seeing a Sushma Swaraj in everyone.