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Aghoris of Varanasi lend support to AAP, Kejriwal to spend night with them on banks of Ganga

25, Mar 2014 By idiot420

Varanasi. In a rather unusual turn of events, a group of sadhus representing the Aghori community has offered support to Arvind Kejriwal’s party in the upcoming general elections.

Sadhus say that it’s the personality, thinking process, and core ideology of AAP’s chief that attracted them towards the party.

Arvind Kejriwal
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“Like we are seeking moksha from the cycle of lives in different bodies, Kejriwal is also seeking moksha from the cycle of governments headed by different parties. He often states that all the parties other than AAP are illusion, which is quite close to our monistic doctrine,” said Baba Bhokali, a senior member of Aghori community.

“Our practices and rituals are centered around the removal of materialistic bonds, similar to what Kejriwal claims. Otherwise why he would have rejected development of Gujarat? Because, he feels that roads and electricity are not measures of real development. Development should be spiritual, it should be directed inward not outward,” Baba added further.

Aghoris also found themselves close to AAP in the way they practice healing through purification.

“Their followers believe that the Aghori can purify aam aadmi by removing corruption from the body and the mind. The followers of Arvind Kejriwal too have similar faith in his healing prowess,” an expert of Aghori culture explained the similarities between AAP and Aghoris.

Excited with the newly found voice of support, Kejriwal expressed his happiness and also promised to bring Aghoris to the mainstream society. “Yes, I am an anarchist, yes, I am an Aghori,” Kejriwal roared while addressing a gathering of Aghori sadhus.

Tie up with Aghori community has helped AAP not only to grab the national headlines, but even noted international news channels are talking about them. However, sources say, they are more interested in Aghoris than in Kejriwal.

Meanwhile, Aghoris have invited Arvind Kejriwal to participate in a special ritual for better future of the alliance. Media even spotted Kejriwal sporting an Aghori look and roaming around on streets of Varanasi.