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Ahmed Patel reveals that Sonia Gandhi too was appalled by temple built for her in Telangana

14, Feb 2015 By manithan

New Delhi. Congress leader Ahmed Patel revealed that Sonia Gandhi too felt appalled when she heard of a temple built for her and had even written to the Congress leader to take it down.

In an exclusive interview to Faking News, Mr. Patel said, “I still remember the day when we heard of news about a temple being constructed for Sonia madam. We were rejoiced by that news. We bought some 100-kilo sweets and were bursting crackers outside the 10 Janpath. After hearing the commotion, Madam called me and asked about the reason for such an enthusiasm. We told her about a temple built for her by a Congress leader from Telangana. Her face changed suddenly from joy to anger. ”

Is she sad?

Controlling his tears, he continued, “She then shouted at me and told me to throw away all the sweets. I ran out and told the loyal Congress supporters to stop the celebrations. And when I went in, Madam was writing a letter. After writing the letter, she gave that to me and told it to be delivered to that Telangana leader. She asked me to give the letter to Ashwani Kumar for proofreading.”

When we contacted the Congress leader from Telangana, he said, “I never received such a letter from Sonia madam. This month, we are also arranging holy chariot festival of the temple.”

We shot back this reply from the temple builder to Patel, who then explained the possible reason, “We addressed the letter to the Telangana address. We were on idea that Telangana was created because as per our view, it was already there. Also, while posting, the post office gave Rajiv Gandhi stamp. Since he is our esteemed visionary and legendary leader, just how could I punch on the stamp after pasting gum on it? Hope you understand. So I think the letter might have been returned due to no stamp pasted or since it was Andhra then.”