AIADMK blasts exit poll results; says it is projecting more than three times of seats they hoped for

21, May 2019 By dasu

Chennai: Tamil Nadu chief minister E Palaniswami has come down hard on exit poll agencies who have predicted his party AIADMK will win more than 10 to 15 seats. AIADMK

“These exit polls are a complete lie”, said EPS while talking reporters outside his residence. “I have my people on the ground, we collect data from every third person standing in the queues to cat their valuable votes. Using these big data, we analyze our vote percentage and seat projection. At best we will get 4 to 5 seats, from where they are giving us 10 to 15 seats?”, Mr. EPS added.

“By the way who cares about central election. We are only interested in bypolls happening for assembly seats. If we do not win more than a dozen seats here, we would lose power. These exit poll pundits did not talk about TN bypoll forecast”, added Mr. OPS, former CM of TN.

Like AIADMK other opposition parties are not happy with current methodology of exit polls. “The person who ask questions first hypnotize the voter for few minutes and the helpless person say he/she will vote for Modi. Once they go inside the booth, the person is absolutely normal, and then he votes mostly for UPA and other non-NDA parties”, said ‘sab mile huain hai’ CM of Delhi. “If Exit polls match with counting day figures? “Then it is a problem of EVM hacking. That’s a separate accusation. Do not mix here”, added the CM.

Meanwhile Shashi Tharoor has found a better way to predict election results. He says take two Ludo dice (confident Congress won’t reach three figure) and put it hundred times. “The number that comes maximum times is your seat projection. Congress has got 66 number maximum times. So, we will increase our tally by 50% in comparison to 2014 result. It’s not a small feat”, said Tharoor.