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AIADMK leaders develop back ache after repeatedly bowing down before Jayalalitha

20, May 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

Chennai: Several leaders of AIADMK party have started complaining of back ache after repeatedly bowing down before Jayalalitha. While members of all parties figuratively bow down before high command, at AIADMK they do it literally and it is starting to take its toll.

Due to the pain in the back, now they need assistance to bend down

After AIADMK’s victory in Tamil Nadu assembly polls, every leader once again rushed to bow down before Jayalalitha. After this, many of them rushed to see a doctor to address the pain in their backs.

“Well they have been coming to me for a while to address the pain in their back but yesterday, almost hundreds of AIADMK workers came at once. That is when I found out that AIADMK has won the elections and Amma will be Chief Minister again”, a senior doctor who regularly treats AIADMK workers said.

“I advised them to avoid bending down repeatedly but they told me that if they don’t bend down, their political careers will so that is not an option. We are trying various methods to reduce their pain and also make their backs more resilient against repeated bending. Hopefully, in coming days they will be able to bend without any pain”, the doctor said.

When we tried to get in touch with some AIADMK leaders, we found them deep in a strategic meeting. After the meeting, when we asked what they were discussing, a leader said, “We are trying to remember who was the first AIADMK member to bow down to Amma and start this tradition. If we can find him, we will beat the hell out of him for giving us back problems.”

Meanwhile, leading spinner from Tamil Nadu, R. Ashwin has recommended the use of Moov to AIADMK leaders to reduce their pain but looking at the injury record of Rising Pune Supergiants, this idea didn’t find much takers.