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AIADMK mla announces post GST price for himself at #MLAforsale

26, Jun 2017 By RT

Chennai. An AIADMK mla has set himself a post GST price to extend support for the government, it is learnt by Faking News. Since mla pricing is not part of the GST council, he has made an independent decision to set a price for himself, his close aides told Faking News.

“GST is changing everything in India. There are pretty much GST sales everywhere. My rate remains the same till GST is implemented on the midnight of 30th of June. If I were to vote for supporting anyone or anything after that, my rate comes with a 28% tax on my regular rate. Since my base price is always kept confidential, I can only reveal my CTG rate for a one time payment to gain support for one full year” the mla told Faking News.

“I have never seen or known such a thing called cash-for-vote. But then, my party men distributed gifts to the voters during my election for the legislative assembly. I tried to stop them and I could not. Similar thing happened when my own party asked for my support to vote for them in various policy matters. They offered me a variety of gifts. I tried to stop them too and I could not. Finally, I gave in and formalised the process by setting a base price for myself” he further added.

“I do not particularly like the television and the social media trending with #mlasforsale. How is this of any interest to a common man India? Instead run coverages on the hot new promotional sales in India like #iphoneforsale. The viewers can simply switch on the TV to find out what to buy on a given day” he offered free advice to the national channels to increase their TRP ratings and encouraged them to stay away from #mlasforsale.

Faking News reporter, immediately advertised with #Groomforsale for himself and yet to receive any replies so far, it is learnt by the media.