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Air India accuses Venkaiah Naidu of seeking VVIP treatment for asking on-time departure

29, Jun 2016 By Sandeep Kadian

New Delhi: A day after coming under fire from Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu for delay in his flight’s departure, Air India has hit back and accused the Union Minister of seeking VVIP treatment. Air India has issued a statement that since all their flights are delayed, running an on-time flight for the minister would have meant racism based on VVIP status.

Mr. Naidu showing how the plane should have taken off

Earlier yesterday, Mr. Naidu tweeted his anger at Air India for the delay in his flight that meant he missed his meeting in Hyderabad. Air India had clarified that their pilot was stuck in traffic but not many believed this excuse.

Speaking to Faking News on the condition of anonymity, a senior executive of Air India said,”Every day we delay thousands of passengers but do you ever hear them complaining? Everyone knows that delays are what one must expect from Air India and we always live up to the expectations. However, these VVIPs come here and demand an on-time departure. Go travel in budget airlines if you have a schedule to follow, big elephants like Air India have their own pace of doing things.”

“Mr. Naidu waited for only half an hour before returning from the airport, so much impatience. Guess he didn’t learn during his childhood that ‘Jaldi ka kaam Shaitaan ka’. Have some patience; other passengers consider half an hour delay as an on-time departure. These VVIPs I tell you, they are only out to defame hard-working people like our pilots. We had to make a story that he was stuck in traffic. Though that isn’t technically a lie since he was waiting in a queue outside staff toilet”, the executive added.

Meanwhile, Air India is planning to write to Arnab Goswami that a Union Minister is asking for preferential treatment by demanding on-time departure.